Introduction to The D.E.D. Principle

While I was thinking about design as a whole, then more specifically, marketing-driven design such as Graphic and Web Design; I starting considering what actually works. What produces the desired result? I know there are plenty of theories out there and I wanted to come up with my own way of looking at the phenomenon of “stopping power”.

That’s when I came up with the idea that something needed to be disruptive in order to break a pattern of thought or behavior and be noticed so it could be digested. However, it also had to be elegant in it’s own right. Not necessarily “pretty” but well thought out, soundly constructed and graceful in its own way.

From these two components, I went to work on my own theory: The D.E.D. Principle.

Disruptively Elegant Design.

Consider this the introduction, like a chance meeting with someone you only briefly encounter but know you will run into again and again. As I develop, this train of thought will develop and, hopefully, prosper. Or, it could die on the vine before it is ripe enough to enjoy its fruit. I’m pushing for the former and hope that you will come back to engage with me while I put the pieces of this puzzle together.